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Facilitating workshops and public speaking has formed a large part of my 30 year career. In my view facilitating  groups and sharing my expertise is another way of creating opportunities for growth in myself and others.  

My workshops are interactive, robust and collaborative and participants always report that while informative they had lots of fun. 

I run workshops for larger organisations and smaller sector groups such as carers' groups, disability organisations, and within the aged and health care sectors. I also have a running calendar of public sessions. Find out  what's coming up. 

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Upcoming workshops  

upcoming workshops


"I participated in the reclaim your life workshop with Glasshouse Reflections. Sharon is a brilliant facilitator, offering the right blend of challenge, support and inspiration. I enjoyed exploring my tree and I left with what I need to take the next important steps. Thank you

(Workshop participant 2022)

"I am usually sceptical about these types of workshops, but Sharon is amazingly subtle and effective. Thoroughly enjoyed her Tree of Life workshop with it's thought provoking questions and light relief laughs. Now to work on growing my tree." (workshop recipient 2022)


"I attended a workshop with Glasshouse Reflections. Sharon is a skilled facilitator who created a trusting, relaxed environment through the right balance of care and thought-provocation, where participants openly shared and contributed to the session. I left with greater clarity and actions to take better care of myself. Thank you." (Workshop participant, 2022)

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