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NDIS Services

Glasshouse Reflections offers a service for  NDIS recipients that are either plan or self managed. 

Sharon Bard has worked in the disability industry for most of her career and has crafted a service that supports people with a disability to navigate life.

Capacity Building is one of the more specialised support items in an NDIS plan. It will allow you to access personalised supports to achieve your goals. 

Glasshouse Reflections offers counselling, capacity building workshops and leisure therapy to help you to achieve your increased community participation and improved relationships goals. ​​

NDIS participants can use the following line item for payment of the counselling service: 

15_043_0128_1_3 (Assessment Recommendation Therapy or Training- Counselling) 



Everyone experiences  life challenges, having a disability does not change this but finding an accessible service can be a barrier. 


This practice offers an accessible service to adults who are neuro diverse, have a physical disability from birth or acquired, have a cognitive or intellectual disability, or live with a mental health diagnosis.


Your disability is not the focus, finding ways to improve your quality of  life is. 

Together  we will establish what you want to achieve within the sessions and design an approach that works for you. We'll aim for substantial and sustainable change that will empower you with the skills and strategies to take control.

To maximise access the service can be delivered in the following ways: 

  • Face to face in Eltham practice

  • Face to face in a community setting that you feel most comfortable in ( travel charged as per NDIS price guide) 

  • Face to face in home setting (travel charged as per NDIS price guide) 

  • Remote platforms such as zoom, teams or google meet


Finding the right counsellor is an important part of your journey. Set up a 15 minutes obligation free chat to find out if I am the right counsellor for you.

What we might chat about 
  • Confidence 

  • Self esteem

  • Family dynamics 

  • Pain management

  • Post traumatic growth

  • Adjusting to carer support

  • Stress and anxiety management

  • Management of feelings of depression

  • Adjustment to injury/disability/diagnosis

  • Unpacking the unanswerable question "why me" 

  • Supporting loved ones through diagnosis and treatment

Capacity building workshops

​Glasshouse Reflections runs a variety of workshops throughout the year that focus on the skills necessary to improve and maintain relationships with family, friends, house mates and peers.  The workshops are designed to help you navigate the world from your lens

Examples of workshops topics

  • Managing my feelings of stress and overwhelm

  • Understanding my feelings 

  • How to love myself so I can love others

  • Communication for healthy relationships

  • Setting boundaries

  • How to make and keep friends 

  • How to feel angry without being aggressive 

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Leisure Therapy
Leisure Therapy

Glasshouse Reflections aims to support people to thrive through leisure. Participation in leisure has many super powers such as offering:

  • A strong sense of identity

  • Control and self determination

  • Joy 

  • Challenge and achievement

  • Opportunity for adjustment when a new disability is acquired

  • Choice and independence 

  • Improved quality of life

  • Social connection

Things we might do together

  • Develop a leisure plan

  • Explore leisure/activity choices specific to your needs 

  • Find information on adapted equipment

  • Link in to peers 

  • Find community-based services or sporting groups 

  • Find specialised recreation and social groups when required

  • Leisure counselling 

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