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About Me

I’m Sharon Bard, a counsellor and facilitator. 

My specialty is supporting people reflect upon and navigate life-changing moments, so they may thrive.


I have 30 years of experience working in disability and health.  My professional interest and skills have found me empowering people to navigate life after being impacted by significant life changes such as disability, medical  diagnosis, immigration, retirement of empty nesting. 

I have managed a number of successful not-for-profit organizations abroad which supported people with disabilities and their carers. I also spent 15 years as a senior partner at  Progression Options, a South African business that supported people with disabilities to access education and work opportunities. 

I have immigrated twice, once when I was 24 and then again when I was 49. Both experienced brought up challenging feelings for me and I found it helpful to process the big moves with a counsellor. 

In the past 7 years in Australia, I have had a career in  supporting people who have experienced a life-changing moment through disability or medical diagnosis. My work focuses on finding joy and reclaiming meaning and control.


I have spent many years facilitating workshops that focus on issues of emotional intelligence (EQ) such as conflict resolution, effective communication, self awareness and difficult conversations, for Local government,  and in the disability and health sectors. I have also facilitated sessions with community groups that support carers, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups. 


Over the years I have had the privilege of working with many clients to navigate change and explore new ways to find meaning and joy in their lives.  


Finding the right counsellor is an important part of your journey. Set up a 15 minutes obligation free chat to find out if I am the right counsellor for you.


How can I help? 

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